Demon Killer Wick & Flame Ni80 Prebuilt Wire Kit

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Demon Killer Wick & Flame Ni80 Prebuilt Wire Kit with Muscle Cotton is designed for RDA/RBA/RTA/RDTA Atomizer. It includes the 4 kinds of Flame Fire Ni80 Coil and the Muscle Cotton that will bring the best taste and good experience. More choice and more convenient for the DIY lover.


Package Size:65 * 50 * 70mm
Flame Fire Ni80 Coil A: 28GA*2+38GA,  0.4ohm
Flame Fire Ni80 Coil B: 28GA*3+38GA,  0.3ohm
Flame Fire Ni80 Coil C: 26GA*3+38GA,  0.12ohm
Flame Fire Ni80 Coil D: 26GA *2+38GA,  0.2ohm
1 x Demon killer Muscle Cotton
2 x Wick & Flame Fire A Coil 
2 x Wick & Flame Fire B Coil 
2 x Wick & Flame Fire C Coil 
2 x Wick & Flame Fire D Coil